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Featured Dancers of 2015

Ballet Folklórico de Los Ángeles is proud to present their featured dancers of 2015

Photograph by Charles-Ryan Barber.

Photograph by Charles-Ryan Barber.

Alexis Alcaraz and Edwin Garcia!

For the past four years Ballet Folklorico de Los Angeles has carried on the tradition of recognizing the two most dedicated dancers of the year. Our featured dancers of 2015 have not only maintained a positive attitude regardless of the circumstances, but have portrayed a drive to better their performance at every rehearsal.

Photograph by Charles-Ryan Barber.

Photograph by Charles-Ryan Barber.

Alexis Alcaraz has been a member of BFLA for the past two years. Though young, at only 14 years of age, she has been able to develop into a dynamic, high-level performer.  She has shown professionalism beyond her years, an open mind, and positive attitude. All of these amazing qualities paired up with her contagious high energy is what make watching her on stage a real treat.  

Edwin Garcia joined our group about seven months ago during our most busy time of the year.  The 19-year-old Simi Valley resident managed to make rehearsals regardless of his 45 mile commute to our studio. His willingness to learn and study, along with his determination to perform are what allowed him to join the dancers on stage about a month after joining. Edwin has a natural talent and amazing stage presence. He has respect for the art and shows respect towards his directors and peers. 

Alexis and Edwin just so happen to dance together most of the time. Though small, this dynamic duo is a force to be reckoned with! They exemplify what BFLA is all about; RESPECT, PASSION, AND HARD WORK. They make us proud.