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10 Problems Only Folklórico Dancers Understand

Mexican Folklórico dancing is a style of dance that is enjoyed by audiences all over the world. Little do they know what truly happens behind the scenes and the amount of time the dancers spend together. For members of BFLA, folklórico is more than just a hobby. It's a way of life

All of you folklórico colleagues out there who live this lifestyle will surely relate to the following folklórico problems presented by our very own members of BFLA. 

Problem #1

When you tell people that you dance folkórico and they don't know what it is. I usually I explain it as, "The Mexican dance with the skirt" and do motions of skirt work. Then they're like "ohhhh yeah!" 

-Vanessa Seañez

Problem #2

When you practice a song so much that it is stuck in your head for days!

-Melissa Garcia

Problem #3

The sacrifice of not going to family events because of rehearsal.

-Sirila Alvarez

Problem #4

Only those who dance folklorico know how much a dancer has to invest in the costumes.

-Daniel Lorenzo

Problem #5

Only those who dance folklórico or are familiar with this dance style know why dancers wear so many different costumes. #Jaliscoisnottheonlystate

-Brittany Lopez

Problem #6

Trying to explain to people that I'm not a dancing mariachi.

-Edwin Garcia

Problem #7

When you buy new folklórico shoes and get horrible blisters! =(

-Iztli Velasco

Problem #8

When your director tells you,"One more time!" never believe him or her. 

-Kareli Montoya

Problem #9

Having to attend rehearsals in crutches so that you don't fall behind...

-Larry Estrada

Problem #10

Being around pretty girls all the time. ;)

-Chilo Hurtado


These are only ten of the millions of problems we come across as folkórico dancers. Please leave a comment with some of the problems you've encountered!


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Maestra Kareli =)


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