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9 Unique Folklorico Hair Ideas That Look Fabulous On Stage

Have ever wondered why female folklorico dancers wear their hair in a bun during performances? 

Well, the main reason folklorico dancers wear their hair in a bun is to make it easier to attach hairpieces to their hair during quick costume changes. Unfortunately, over the years "folklorico hair," for most groups, has evolved into a huge intricate masterpiece with a mind of its own.

Personally, I believe that a dancer's hairpiece should be as simple as possible to avoid taking attention away from a dancer's facial beauty and dancing. Dancer's heads and necks should feel as light and free as possible at all times, especially when performing on stage.

I have been experimenting with several hairstyles, basic buns, and hairpieces for the last four years in search of the lightest, easiest and most realistic hairdo's possible for my folklorico dancers. I have discovered several ways to be creative with hair that have proved easy to accomplish during quick changes and that will bring a more traditional and unique look to the stage. I always try to stay as close to the theme and region as possible, without neglecting the glamour necessary for the stage.

I have a few tricks up my sleeve and I would like to share them with you. Below are "9 Unique Folklorico Hair Ideas That Look Fabulous On Stage."

#1 The Basic Braid

I have discovered that a bun doughnut is the lightest "basic braid" that you'll ever wear. Not only is it light, but it's also the perfect size.  When dancers have a lot of hair I encourage them not to use a basic braid so that their hair doesn't look too big.  I prefer to have my dancers wear a low bun because I like to hide the bun as much as possible with hairpieces or disguise it.  Braids look a lot more realistic when your bun is low. You also want to use a low bun if you are going to be wearing hats or want a very "Spanish" look when dancing regions like Veracruz.

#2 Synthetic Hair

I love synthetic hair!  I will never go back to yarn again in my life.  Synthetic hair is cheap, light and realistic.  You can find a pack of synthetic hair at Sally's Beauty Supply for $1.29.  I make all of my braids out of synthetic hair.  If you really want your braids to look real, only use one or two ribbons when braiding it so that some of the hair shows. 

#3 "Peinetas"

Hair combs, aka "peinetas," are awesome when it comes to quick changes.  I add these hair combs to almost all of our hairpieces.  The only thing that you have to be careful about is using the right size comb for your hairpiece.  You don't want to use a small peineta for a heavy hairpiece.  

#4 Awesome Hair Clips 

Hair clips are an amazing alternative to bobby pins.  I love using them to secure bows neatly. I sew them to the bottom of our Jalisco bows. They're more secure and so much faster to apply to your hair. 

#5 French Braids

If you want to create a different look on stage and really want to make it seem as if your braids are real,  brush your hair in French braids and gather it in a bun in the back and attach your hairpiece.  I always have my middle school students and children brush their hair this way.  I love when child dancers look their age. 

#6 When To Use The "Middle Part"

The whole point of wearing the part in the middle is so that it seems as if you're really wearing braids.  I also like to wear the part in the middle because it gives the ladies a "Spanish" look when dancing Veracruz, but you don't always have to part your hair.  You can slick your hair back anytime you're not wearing two braids; times when you only wear flowers or other accessories in your hair. 

#7 Loose Hair!

Loose hair can be a great thing!  I love to to have some of the girls wear their hair in a pony tail or halfway down when dancing Revolucion,  Escaramuzas, and  Calabaceados.  Obviously, it's not a good idea to let your hair down if you only have 10 seconds to change, but if you have a whole song to change then there's no problem. 

#8 Frida Kahlo Inspired Hair

Frida Kahlo inspired hair is more than acceptable.  I like to have the girls wear their hair this way to change things up.  It looks great wear you apply your hairpieces to it. 

#9 Variety

Variety is a good thing! You don't always have to have matching hairpieces.  I learned this from Maestro Rafael Zamarripa.  He loves to play with variety and to create a festive, realistic and creative atmosphere by making his dancers unique characters.  I suggest that you watch his mater piece "El Corrido de Rosita Alvirez."  I used his concept when creating my Revolucion Suite.


I hope that you found these tips valuable. Please leave your feedback below! Don't forget to share this blog post with your friends! 

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See you soon.

Maestra Kareli =)

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