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9 Things That Give Folklórico Dancers Anxiety

Folklórico dancers are some of the bravest people on the planet!  Getting on stage and performing in front a full audience, rehearsing long hours during the week and pushing your body to the limit during rehearsals and performances. These things scare the the huaraches off of most non-performers! 


there are some things that tend to give even the bravest folklórico dancer a bit of anxiety. 

#1 Last Minute Changes

Last minute changes can be a nightmare for folklórico dancers when there isn't an understudy ready to take someone else's spot.  This has occurred in our company numerous times due to last minute emergencies and injuries.  Moral of the story:  Learn the entire choreography, not just "your spot." This will prevent you from having anxiety and your director from having a heart attack! 

#2 Forgetting The Choreography

There is nothing that can make folklórico dancers more anxious than forgetting the choreography.  There are times when you're forced to learn complicated choreography in a matter of hours!  If you ever come across a member of Ballet Folklórico de Los Angeles, ask them if they felt anxious when performing the 15 minute masterpiece "Bolero" by Ravel with the symphony.  Maestro Jonathan Trejo had a week to choreograph it and the dancers had about four rehearsals to learn the entire piece! Ahhhhh! It was one of the most stressful  performances of 2015, but it was definitely one to remember. 

#3 Wardrobe Malfunction

If you've ever had a wardrobe malfunction, then you know how terrifying it can be.  From breaking your zipper during a costume change, ripping your pants when kneeling for El Jarabe Tapatio, to losing a loose heal in the middle of a dance on stage, wardrobe malfunctions are scary and can make folklórico dancers get a panic attack. 

#4 Sitting Out

No matter how long a dancer will be out, being forced to sit on the sidelines due to injury can be devastating.  That's why it's important to do whatever possible to prevent injury.  Make sure you warm-up before class and stretch after class.  Stay away from stomping on floors made of  concrete and floors that aren't sprung.  

#5 The Combination is [Folklórico Terminology Only]

Without warning, some folklórico teachers will challenge their students' knowledge of folklórico terminology by introducing combinations only by names of the steps without a demonstration,  greatly reducing any chance of doing the combination without mistakes.  

#6 Reversing A Combination

Having to reverse a combination to the opposite side of the room can be just as challenging and difficult as trying to solve a math problem!  Having to reverse a step or having to do it with the other foot can often make your folklórico life just as challenging as your college life.  

#7 Faldeo

All female folkórico dancers and directors who teach "faldeo" (aka skirt work),  know that one of the main causes of anxiety is having to do complicated faldeo with complicated footwork.  You're happy because you finally seem to be getting  the step or combination, when all of a sudden your director has you put on on your skirt...ughhh.  It's like starting from scratch sometimes!

#8 Forgetting Your Costume

OMG!!! This has to be one of the most nerve wrecking things that can ever happen to a folklórico dancer.  I am sure that every one of you has experienced this type of anxiety several times.  Even if you don't forget your costume or accessories, thinking that you might have forgotten something can stress you out just as bad.  Imagine traveling to Tennessee and realizing that you forgot your folklórico shoes in the car while you're on a plane in mid-air!  Tell me if that wouldn't cause you some major anxiety.  

#9 Dropping The Candle or Bottle

Last, but not least we have the anxiety that's caused when dancing with a candle or bottle on your head.  I've had nightmares of dropping the candle while dancing La Bruja and lighting the theater on fire...scary stuff.


Thank you for taking the time  to read our post! Don't forget to relax even during your most anxious moments.  Please leave us your comments below and most importantly, don't forget to share this post with your folkórico colleagues.

Take care!

Maestra Kareli

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