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Folklorico Tutorial: Tornillo For "La Negra"

Hello Dancers! 

I am so excited to be sharing this Tutorial video with all of you. In the video I have broken down one of the most challenging steps in "El Son de La Negra." The famous "tornillo," which literally means SCREW.  The heal movement in this step resembles that of screwing a screw into the floor. 

Before watching this video and attempting the step, here are some things to keep in mind: 

1.) Keep your knees slightly bend. 

2.) Remember that this step has 5 parts to it.  You should be hearing 5 sounds.  

3.) It's important that you remember to twist your knees in so that you're able to twist the heel out.  

4.) Do not stomp loud. There's no need to kill the floor. You want a nice clean sound.  


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Love 💕


-Maestra Kareli  

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