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9 Do's of Folklorico Performance Makeup


Folklorico dancers usually do their own stage makeup, so it should not be complicated. Remember that a dancers's talent and natural beauty should be the main focus at all times.  For many years I've been encouraging the members of Ballet Folklorico de Los Angeles to apply less makeup, ultimately because it's unnecessary.  As a performer, what you want to do is highlight your most important facial features so that they are visible from a distance.  Your makeup should be long-lasting, bright, and pleasant on and off stage.  

1. The Less-is-More Approach


If you follow Ballet Folklorico de Los Angeles I'm sure you've noticed that I like to keep the girl's makeup simple, but radiant.  I don't like when makeup overpowers a dancer's natural beauty.  Excess makeup can smear, so we encourage dancers to apply a light primer and a thin layer of foundation.  

Samantha Rivera's favorite is Maybelline Fit Me Foundation. 

"It lasts throughout the day, has a huge shade range, and is good for most skin types. I especially love that it's inexpensive compared to other brands."


2. Lips That Pop!

Luchadora Lips.png

Folklorico Dancers are known for their bright red lips! No lady of BFLA may step on stage without the signature red lip. I encourage the ladies to wear a BRIGHT red lip, rather than a dark shade. With certain lighting, dark red lips tend to look brown. 

Mileena Contreras loves Vive! Cosmetics Que Matte in the shade 'Luchadora' (Classic Red).

"It dries matte and will seriously stay on FOREVER."


3. Make Sure to Shape Your Eyebrows


Your eyebrows are the frames of your eyes on stage, so be sure to shape them!

Melissa Isabel Cortez can't live without Anastasia Dipbrow!

"It's perfect for dancers because it's waterproof and won't smear."


4. Neutral Colors Look the Best on Stage


When it comes to eyeshadows, I've learned that the colors that look the the best with all stage lighting and natural lighting are neutral colors. You want to use BROWNS, NUDES, and GOLDS.  You may want to create a smoky eye with a touch a black on the corners of your eyelid. Do not apply too much black because your eyes will look like "Raccoon Eyes" from a distance. Stay away from blues, purples and pinks, mainly because those colors tend to give the audience the illusion that your eyes are bruised.  Make sure to blend the eye shadows thoroughly once you apply the color. 

My (Kareli Montoya) favorite pallet is the Naked2 Pallet by Urban Decay. 

"It has all the colors you need to create the perfect 'Folklorico Eye.'  This pallet will last you forever!"


5. Use the Right Lashes


False lashes are the finishing touch to your stage makeup and make a huge difference.  Your lashes have to be the right length and size. Lashes that are too full and long will close your eye and give you the "Raccoon Black Eye" illusion from a distance. Make sure to trim the lash to fit your eye. 

The ladies of BFLA love to wear Ardell Wispies.

These lashes are longer in the center and shorter in the outer corners for an eye opening effect. They are universally flattering for most eye shapes and come in packs of 5 (which is amazing for those of us who perform on a weekly basis). 


6. Blush is a Must! 

Wearing enough blush on stage is essential.  You want to LOOK ALIVE.  I always encourage the ladies of BFLA to apply more blush than they wear on regular outings.  You want those rosy cheeks to be seen from a distance and to cut through stage lighting.  

BFLA's pick is Cheekers Blush by Covergirl. 

You should never break your budget when it comes to stage blush. Cheekers Blush is great because it comes in 18 shades and is only 3.39 at Target!


7. Smudge Proof Eyeliner 

italia eyeliner.jpg

For dancers, it's very important to find an eyeliner that won't smear with sweat and that will last throughout an entire performance. 

Leszly Gomez's favorite eyeliner is Italia Deluxe Eyeliner. 

"I love it because it doesn't crack or smudge and it's only $2.70 on Ebay!"


8. Use Concealer That Matches and Blends


It's very important to use a concealer that matches your skin tone and blends with your foundation.  Sometimes dancers choose concealer that's too white and it's especially obvious in pictures. Photos don't lie!

Vanessa Castillo prefers to use Morphe Brushes Concealer.

"I love it because it blends really well and makes your skin look smooth."


9. Take Care of Your Skin

It's extremely important to remove your makeup up after performances or before going to bed.  As dancers, most of the products we use are waterproof and will remain on your skin if not removed appropriately.  

Boscia's Charcoal MakeUp Melter will literally melt off makeup and remove impurities almost immediately! 


I hope you found this blog post helpful.  If you did, please share! Let me know your favorite stage makeup products with me below and I'll feature them in a second blog post.


Maestra Kareli

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